Compliance becomes easy

Getting to know the legal prescriptions with accuracy and transparency: this is the target of menslegis, Nomotika’s solution to support the company compliance:

  • focus on legal prescriptions, on liability on penalties;
  • immediately plainness on basic information;
  • multi-compliance management on single legal areas.



Products & Services


The current regulatory environment increasingly describes a constantly changing legal landscape, characterized by dynamism, flexibility and, above all, remarkable aspects of uncertainty.

The Compliance case is an evidence: in recent years find, interpret and apply the "law rules" has become one of the most demanding and critical activity in any business reality.

Legal expertise


Thanks to the involvement of the Law Department of the University of Turin and the network of independent specialists, Nomotika is able to cope with all sectors of national,  European and international law, including the specialized matters of lawyers, judges and public officials, as well as the compliance issues of companies.

ICT expertise


By combining, in an unprecedented way, experience and high professionalism of a leading Italian ICT company as Augeos SpA with the creativity and inventiveness of the great teachers and researchers of the Department of Computer Science of Turin, Nomotika built up a flexible and competent technical staff which is dedicated, with passion and enthusiasm, to the realization of innovative solutions.